National Poetry Day!

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Who knew that poetry had it’s own special day?
A day where we can all appreciate and embrace poetry in every way. 

October the 3rd is the National Poetry Day. It is held every year on the first Thursday of October. The theme of National Poetry Day 2013 is ‘water’. I had a go of writing a poem or two in honour of today.

Drip drip drop, drip drip drop,
Pitter patter plop.
Watch as the water falls and flows,
Watch how it flows faster then slows.
Without it we wouldn’t have
the beauty of the rose,
or the inspiration to compose.
When it rains or snows,
Water is the Winter’s rose.
Watch how it saves peoples lives,
when dehydration is more of a threat than knives,
it revives.
Catch the raindrop as it drips off your nose.
Or watch as the heroic hose,
is destroying a fire, feeding nature, nurturing people.
Water has a way to inspire.
Without it, where would we be?
I wonder…

‘National Poetry Day, An Awesome Autumn Day’
Poetry is at the heart of writing,
For me personally I see Autumn as a beautifully poetic season.
Poetry is writing and rewriting.
It’s also about embracing and analysing.
It is so exciting!
Words combine together, with or without reason.
It could be about feelings or even the weather.
Poetry has the ability to move people.
It can unite us all together.
It can be written from her or inspired by her.

October the third,
it’s at the heart of Autumn.
As you step out your front door,
the chill in the air, is blown through your hair.
You watch the trees bend and sway,
as you face your day, today.
The skies are grey,
Not like they were back in May.
There’s very few cars on the road.
And you notice how they slowed and glowed,
peeking through the mist.
You love watching the trees,
and seeing how their branches twist.
The leaves float around you,
but are caught by the damp paving.
They crinkle and crack under your every step.
“Watch out for that overhead spiderweb!”
Lanterns burn in the night sky.
It’s time for the ghosts and ghouls to drop by.
It’s Halloween, that time of year where they say
“Boo!…Oh, Hi.”

Autumn is a poetic time.
Everything around is bursting with rhyme.
As nature shows us the beauty of death,
we should take the time to appreciate it.
And just take a breath.

There’s just two of my poems, I’ve written a few. But I thought I’d share these with you since they were both new and relevant.
I hope you all have a very Awesomely Autumnal National Poetry Day!

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