New Band on the block!

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Check out this new band who seem to be rocking the world as we speak.
Lawson, a hot boy band, seem to have come out of no-where and every girl has fallen in love.
It’s been a year since the band’s music video, When She Was Mine, came out but they only really found fame a few short weeks ago.
With comments that the band is a cross with the band Busted (R.I.P) and girls’ favourite, The Script, their music gives a message about break-ups and also make-ups.
Being a music lover the band caught my eye when reading about them and finding their music on YouTube.
You can check out their song When She Was Mine with the link and you can write your comments and see what you think.
At the moment Lawson seem to be rocking out and taking on America, can the band be the next big thing and rock everybody’s socks off? We’ll just have to wait and see wont we?!


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