New Class Of Spies: Limited

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“I don’t know…” Sophia whimpered.

“It’s simple, help me save them or tell the leader. Either way, I’m off. Hurry up and decide.”

“I’m sorry, I won’t go, but I won’t tell the leader.” Oliva nodded at her and was off running.

In the cell Mr Gord was laughing as he walked out. “Young love or old love, it’s confusing. How old are you?” he said smiling. Kara and Tyler just looked at him. Kara’s arm was healing slower than it should. Tyler held her tight. She didn’t need to breath.

When Mr. Gord left, Kara spoke. “I’m hungry,” she said. She sounded ill, like a person on their death bed. Tyler looked at her, his face full of pain. He sat her down, wrapped his arm around her waist and held out his other arm so his wrist was pointing up.

“Tyler what are you doing?” she asked in shock.

“Drink. My blood is not as strong as a human’s but it will do,” he said. Kara looked at him. Her jaw dropped but she was too weak to argue. She held his arm and her eyes went black. Her canines enlarged and she dug them into his wrist.

Tyler flinched in pain but did not complain. He was helping the girl he loved. That’s all that mattered. Olivia was running as fast as she could, straight to the motorbike that was left in the street. She took her hairpin and used it to start the bike, and was off. She knew where she needed to go and it wasn’t far.

(To be continued.) Sorry, writer’s block.


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