New Class of Spies – Part 2

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The mission was in Kristan Plart School. They went to find someone called Mr Gord. He was known to be a 45 year old spy and he was undercover in the school. He had planted a bomb in the school and they were to retrieve the bomb and Mr Gord. 

“I can’t believe they sent a 45 year old man on a mission. You shouldn’t be a spy unless you are under 32” said Olivia happily.

“Oi,” Tyler shouted, “Remember me and Kara are over 100 years old” Olivia cringed. 

It was assembly, the best time to find Mr Gord. They had to climb through the vents and Olivia’s eyes slipped down to Tyler’s back side. Kara was watching from a video feed.

“Keep those eyes steady Olivia or I will rip them out” she said in a very angry tone. Olivia said “Why don’t you come out side when I come back and we will have a word. Oh wait. You can’t, you will explode”

Tyler giggled and then Sophia said that Kara was quite heartless as she was trying to fit in.

“I have a heart, Newbe. It just doesn’t work anymore” 

To Be Continued


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