New class of spies Part 3

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Olivia, Tyler, Sophia, Kara, Mr Gord.

In the vents they came to a gap and they looked through to see Mr Gords classroom, he was getting the bomb ready.
“Who would want to bomb a school?” Sophia whispered
“Lunatics” Olivia replied.
They looked down, and suddenly the vent started to wobble, the vent broke and they all landed in a heap on the classroom floor.
“Oh My God” Mr Gord laghed “So these are the best spies ever, Terrible!”
“Drop the bomb” Sophia shouted
“OK” he dropped the bomb, but Olivia grabbed it before it hit the ground
“Girls take the bomb to HQ. I’ll handle this ….” he stopped suddenly, he was on the floor screaming
“What’s happening?” shouted Sophia.
“Sorry I forgot to mention, this watch has a weapon that affects any transformation to monsters such as Werewolves, Vampires and Lycan, like your friend here, it makes them turn and go mad so I will leave and take wolfie with me, Bye!” Mr Gord slammed his hand to his watch and he and Tyler disappeared. The girls went back to HQ and suddenly Kara had Olivia against the wall
“Why did’nt you stop him?” she was screaming almost crying
“There was nothing I could do” Olivia shouted back
“Kara put her down” said a very calm voice, it was the leader
“He took Tyler” Kara said dropping Olivia to the floor “We have to go to find him”
“First thing tommorrow”
“I should have gone with them I….” the leader interrupted
“You know very well why you couldn’t leave, besides if you had, you would have been taken also”
Kara suddenly appeared in the leaders face “We must go now, he might be dead by the time we arrive tommorrow”
“Silence, No more”
Kara shook her head and then disappeared
“I’m going to see if she is ok” Olivia ran outside the room.


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