New Class Of Spies – Part 3

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When they were in the vents, they saw Mister Gord through a gap in the metal. He was in his class room, working on the bomb. 

“We have to get down there fast” Olivia said, when suddenly a loud screech surrounded them. They all fell through the vents and landed in Mr Gord’s classroom. 

“Okay, that worked” laughed Kara from the video. 

“Oh look, the NCS, I’m scared” 

They got up and Sophia shouted “You better be!” Tyler and Olivia looked at her and cringed. 

Tyler’s body began to change. His back popped and his fingers enlarged. He was screaming. 

“What’s happening?” shouted Olivia. “Oh sorry, I forgot to say. See this? Watch. It can make any supernatural creature such as Lycan, Werewolf and Vampire turn and go mad. He’s coming with me” 

Suddenly, Mr Gord dropped the bomb as he and Tyler disappeared. Olivia jumped and caught the bomb before it landed and disarmed it. “Come on.” 

They ran out of the building and headed towards HQ. When they walked in, Kara came out of nowhere and had Olivia against the wall. 

“Where is he?” she shouted, her face turned. “You better tell me or I’ll…” 

“Kara,” shouted the voice of the Base leader, “Let her go.” 

Kara dropped her and looked at the leader, her face almost in tears. “But Tyler, he…” 

“Calm down, Kara. Lucky you were not there or you would have gone through that pain like he did. Then, you will not be able to save him, the mission in the school is over. You have to find Tyler, he is the only one of his kind in this base like you, Kara. So, find him and bring him back. Wait until nightfall.” 

Kara looked at her and shook her head, then she disappeared. 

“She has gone to her room. I’ll go after her. We are frenemies. I will help her” said Olivia before she ran out of the room. Sophia left, looking confused.


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