New Class of Spies – Part 4

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Olivia, Tyler, Sophia, Kara, Mr Gord

“What just happened?” Sophia asked, looking confused “And who are you?”

“I am Commander Riley” the leader replied “Olivia calls me leader and Kara calls me Mom, apparently I act like a mother. As for what just happened? you witnessed Tyler’s kidnapping, and poor Kara has feelings for him, It’s no normal thing, Vampires and Lycans are supposed to hate eachover and two Vampires are not supposed to have emotions…”

“How does she have emotions then?” asked Sophie

“Do you know why you were chosen to be here?” replied the Commander

“No” she replied

“Well fifty one years ago your great great grandmother was a very powerful witch, her name was Lisa and she saw Kara attacking a human girl, and she killed her! Lisa needed to stop it happening again, she did not kill people but she put a spell on her that gave her the emotions hate, jealousy and Love, and years later Kara met Tyler, it was true love”

Sophia looked at her amazed she didn’t know that anyone else in her family had the gift, and she also didn’t know that Kara had met any of them “What’s that got to do with me being here?”

“Your grandmother was one of us, the most powerful! her, Tyler and Kara worked together until she died after giving birth and I believe you will be perfect for the job”

In Kara’s room Olivia stood by the door “Kara, are you ok?”
Kara looked up she was almost crying; “Do I look alright? You don’t know what it’s like, I can’t go out in the sunlight, I can’t let fresh water touch my skin, if I cry the tears will burn my face, and now I lost Tyler, the reason I didn’t stick a stake through my own heart years ago, and he might be dead”

“Kara, Don’t speak like that”

“Shut up. You don’t understand. I am going to find him. I have nothing to lose, I am already dead, Goodbye” and suddenly Kara disappeared and Olivia ran towards a button just outside Kara’s room, there was a loud beeping noice.

“What’s that?” Sophia asked

“The Kara alarm, We have one because you’re ancestors’ spell went a bit wrong and now she loses control of her emotions, she has probably already gone”

Kara was outside running almost 100 miles an hour, she did not slow down, she was not prepared and she had no weapons, but she needed to see him again. She was not going to let anything happen to him, she knew where he was.

She was there in no time at all, there were two guards at the door. She easily got rid of them, one quick hand motion and they had broken necks. She started to search the building.

In a long dark room Mr Gord was watching a large screen, Tyler was next to him in a cage, in human form chained to the wall, he knew if Kara got in here, Mr Gord would use the machine and Tyler may destroy her.


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