New class of Spies – Part 5

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Mr Gord watched Kara from the large room and then turned to Tyler
“Who is this?” he asked, “Your girlfriend?” Tyler didn’t reply
“Let’s send her a little message shall we?” he slammed his hand on a console and suddenly there was a loud alarm, and within the corridor where Kara stood, there were three doors open, and out came large men in blue shirts. One of the men grabbed her and ended up ripping her black shirt, she kicked him away and tried to fight them off but there were too many, she couldn’t, not even her abilities could help her, she was down.
“No!” Tyler screamed and Mr Gord turned and laughed
“She is your girlfriend, she’s pretty and tough too, she managed to fight most of my best men off”.
A door opened and two men were holding Kara in their arms and there were many following to make sure.
“Hello” said Mr Gord in a cruel voice “What’s you’re name?” Kara didn’t speak, just stared at him
“Not going to speak? Ok, Call the NCS HQ I want to talk to the leader!” the man behind Kara nodded and walked to a large screen, suddenly the leader appeared on the screen.
“Hello Katherine” he said staring at the large screen, he knew her name, Katherine was the leader.
“Tyler, Kara” shouted Sophia, Olivia grabbed her and put her hand over Sophia’s mouth but was too late
“Kara, what a nice name let me guess Katherine, one of yours? seeing how strong she is”. There was a moment silence and suddenly Kara snapped, she pushed the men back and jumped for Mr Gord, he pressed a button and she went down screaming
“A vampire!?” there was a mix of shock and confusement in his voice “Why would a Vampire help a Lycan?! Now this is a twist, Let me guess, those two a Werewolf and a Shape-shifter” he said sarcastically
“Let them go. Now!” the leader demanded but he just turned the screen off.
Back in HQ Olivia was shouting at the leader “We must go and save them, I’m human, the machine won’t harm me, and unless she knows shape-shifting spells, Sophia won’t be affected either”
“What? They’re my friends and you said once yourself, Kara is like a daughter to you!”
“No, No more arguments”


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