New Class Of Spies – Part 6

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Sophia was confused. She thought Olivia and Kara hated each other, and why wouldn’t the leader let them save Kara and Tyler?

Back in Mr Gord’s hide out, Kara and Tyler were sitting in a cell in a dark stone room. 

“Kara, are you okay?” Tyler sat next to her and put his arm around her. “Now I am” Kara replied, she didn’t mean to say that out loud. 

“Kara, you didn’t have to come, he could hurt you.” 

“Tyler, the only way he can hurt me is if he hurts you” she hugged him, her freezing cold skin not affecting his boiling hot skin. 

“I love you” 

He looked at her and she pulled his face to hers, their lips meeting. In the middle of the kiss, Mr Gord walked in saying “Sweet” and entered the cage.
They were wearing particular colours so that they can only turn when he chooses. He grabbed Kara’s arm and said “You said we can only hurt you if we hurt him, let’s see if that’s true” 

He took a bottle of fresh water and poured it on Kara’s hand. She was screaming, her hand was turning red and scabby, as if she were burning. Tyler pulled her away and shouted at Mr Gord. “Don’t ever do that again, If you do I will kill you, I don’t have to be in wolf form to do that.” 

The guards pointed their guns at him, all had silver bullets. Kara climbed up and stood in front of him. She was bullet proof. They were not willing to let the other one get hurt.

Back in HQ Olivia was packing a small brown bag. “What are you doing?” Sophia looked worried.

“I am going to save them with or without your help”

“You heard what the leader…”

“I know what she said” her voice was loud, furious “They are my friends”

“But you and Kara always act like…”

“I know, we don’t mean it. So are you with me or not?” she held out her hand for Sophia “It’s your choice, stay here and tell the leader, or come with me and save them”


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