New Class of Spies: The Rescue

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Olivia and Jake left the dungeon room and ran towards a large door.
“On three” Olivia said “One, Two, Three” They kicked open the door andMr. Gord stood laughing, not at them but at a large screen. On thescreen were two people, a girl who was choking and looking very weakand a boy holding the girl in his arms.
“Kara! Tyler!” Mr. Gord spun around to see them and he said “How didyou get out?” he spoke to Jake. He picked up a small pistol and aimedit at them “Who first?” he said cruelly “You two are not as strong asthem” he pointed at the screen “I could give the girl a snack” he wasabout to pull the trigger, when he collapsed, holding his headscreaming.
Olivia looked behind her and Sophia was standing there, her eyes concentrating on Mr. Gord.
“GO” she shouted to Olivia “I will follow”. When they ran out. Sophia followed sealing the doors.
“Follow me” she told them and she took them to a room with a cage and in there sat Tyler and Kara.
“Oh, My, God!” Olivia shouted opening her small bag and taking out ablood bag which she passed to Tyler who let Kara drink from it. Sophiabroke the lock with two words “Kadra Freeda.” Tyler got up his chains,also broke, and hugged Olivia “Thank You”, then he looked at Jake..
“Hey, Jake.” The mood was broken when Mr. Gord walked in with a lot of minions “Get them!” the men attacked.
Sophia kept most back, but her magic wasn’t strong enough. Afterkilling a small amount she went down, and one of the guards held herdown. Tyler turned but was not quick enough, he took down two but hegot shot with a tranquilizer. Jake and Olivia managed to fight off thelast two but not long enough, they held them both.
Mr. Gord laughed and Kara stood “I’ve had enougth” she said “Let myfriends go or I will rip you limb from limb”. He laughed again.
“You are weak” Kara smiled and shook her head, and suddenly the guardholding Sophia was down, neck snapped. And then she was behind theguard holding Olivia, ripping out his throat, and as for the guardholding Jake, she ripped his head right off.
“Your turn” she turned to Mr. Gord and jumped towards him, ripping outhis throat. “Sophia use a spell to burn the bodies. I don’t want themcoming back” and with that she walked out, and it was all over.


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