New Class of Spies: True Love Never Dies

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Kara was hungry, her throat was dry and her skin was going grey. Tyler held her in his arms and realised what was wrong, he picked up a sharp rock from the ground, cut his wrist and held it to her mouth. 

“Drink my love.”
Kara pushed him away, “No.”
“You must. My blood won’t do much but it will help.”

Kara was too weak to argue so she held his arm to her mouth and her eyes went red, there were black lines around her eyes and two razor sharp fangs dug into Tyler’s arm. He flinched but did not complain.

Olivia was in her car and gone before Sophia could say anything, she knew where she was going, and she was there quickly. She had to be sneaky, she didn’t have a good sense of smell like Kara and Tyler, so she had to find another way of finding them. She found a dungeon room quickly and ran in hoping they were in there, but she found something else. On the floor was a teenage boy in one of the cages, his hair was a sandy blonde colour, he was handsome and very skinny. 

“Jake?” Olivia asked in amazement. 

The boy looked up “Olivia?” he managed to pull himself up. Jake ran to her and held her face between the bars “It really is you!” Jake was in the NCS with Olivia, Tyler and Kara but was kidnapped and believed dead. 

“Oh my God. You’re alive,” said Olivia “Let’s get you out of there” she took a pin from her hair to open the lock and when she did he ran out and hugged her “I’m here looking for Kara and Tyler they were taken, Katherine doesn’t know I’m here.”
“That’s my Olivia, always breaking the rules,” he smiled “I’ll help you”


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