New Class Of Spies

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The S.I.S.S is a special spy area that keeps young spies and uses them for really important missions and there are 3 characters that are the best of the best.

First there is Kara Lome, she’s a 117 year old vampire then there is Olivia Oval she is 17 and human and her and Kara basically hate each other.

Third is Tyler Corm, 116 year old Lycan even though Lycans and Vampires are mortal enemies he is in love with Kara,
and last the new girl Sophia Gem a 17 year old witch who was chosen tojoin the NCS (Groups Name) because of her amazing powers.

“Kara come here I have some STAKE for you” shouted Olivia
“Back off human before you become lunch” Kara shouted back.

Sophia asked if they’realways like this and Tyler said that she will get used to it. Oliviawalked up to them and said that they have a new mission, as Kara is aVampire she must stay here because the mission is during daylight.

(Find out what happens next and don’t forget to post your comments below)


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