New Housing Service Available For The LGBT Community

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A new help-line targeted at helping people of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender) community across the whole of Wales has been launched by Shelter Cymru. Operating from the 5th of August this year, the helpline provides targeted and specific housing advice to the LGBT community, offering discreet and non-judgemental advice to a community that unfortunately still faces many hardships, including discrimination.

A press release from Shelter Cymru says: “This helpline has been set up with the aim of making housing advice services more accessible to people within the LGBT community. It will be a resource that is guaranteed to be safe, open and non-judgmental, something that is very important to people who very often feel vulnerable due to discrimination and lack of acceptance by others.”

Whilst equality in the UK is arguably the best it’s ever been, LGBT issues in the rest of the world seem to make headlines every day and it can seem like a cold and lonely world for LGBT people and discrimination is still a very serious issue in the UK. When thinking of these issues and of people in general, it is important to think of them as the people they are and to treat them with respect and care.

The help-line is open every week day, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

The helpline number is 0844 264 2554. People can also email at:

You can download the poster here.

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