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So, I’m pretty big into KPOP ‘Korean pop music’ (well, everything Korean forthat matter) and even though I don’t know of anyone else who is, for those ofyou who may be interested in this kind of stuff I will be writingweekly/monthly reviews on new music videos, mini-albums and full albums. I willalso be reviewing episodes of whatever dramas I have watched that week andsuggesting content you guys might enjoy.

If you have any suggestions of songs, bands or solo artists etc that youwould like me to review and give my opinions on, please comment on any of myposts. The same goes for any Asian dramas, as long as they are on Viki, a global TV site that offers TV showsand films in over 200 languages.

The main aim of this feature is to educate those who are unaware of KPOPfandom and all things Korean. It’s also to share my views on content to help othersunderstand and appreciate the appeal of KPOP and KDRAMA. It could even turn you into awanna-be Korea-Boo like me!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my first review, which will explainhow I got into KPOP!

– Lili out

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