New Series on ITV: Crime Files

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ITV Wales will air a brand new documentary, which will take the viewers behind the headlines on the most shocking crimes committed in Wales, fronted by ITV Newsreader Andrea Byrne.

If you would like a career in the police or forensic science, this programme would be great for you to watch, as it will give you an insight into how the police deal with the most notorious crimes and how new technology has transformed the way policing is carried out. In the forensic laboratories, the presenter Andrea Byrne, will be testing different methods that prove vital in tracking down the offenders. 

A total of eight episodes will air, all looking at different individual cases, one even spanning back to the 1920s.
The programme focuses on crimes committed in South and North Wales. 

In the first episode, the programme opens up the crime files on the: “Saturday Night Strangler”. This disturbing case, looks at the South Wales killer who murdered three teenage girls in the 1970s.

Andrea Byrne, presenter of Wales at Six and Crime Files said: “For me, it’s been fascinating to meet the detectives and police officers who helped to solve the case sometimes using extraordinary techniques and in the most difficult of circumstances.”

It does look interesting, especially for those budding forensic scientists, as it gives a rare insight to the work behind the scenes.

‘Crime Files’ will air on ITV tonight, (30th August 2016) at 9pm. If you miss the 1st episode, you can catch up with it on

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