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Thought I’d take a change from the usual sports column and write about something else instead, so here goes

Nicole Scherzinger is an American singer and former leader of the ‘Pussy Cat Dolls’ but recently she has gone solo and this is my comprehensive review of her debut album, “Killer Love”.

Track 1 – Poison – Nicole’s debut single as a solo artist. Great song but a little old now in contemporary terms as it’s over a year old – Rating ****
Track 2 – Killer Love – Without a doubt the best song on the album. Not just my favourite but Nicole is quoted as saying that this is her favourite too!! – Rating *****
Track 3 – Don’t Hold Your Breath – Very famous recently. Just making its way back down the charts after making it to number 1 in the UK. Still a great song nonetheless. – Rating *****
Track 4 – Right There – Newest single, released on Monday. Great song, made famous by Nicole performing this live on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Nicole has great hope for this song getting to no.1 after Don’t Hold Your Breath!! – Rating *****
Track 5 – You will be loved – A slower number, more like a ballad to be honest. This is rather different to the previous tracks as this shows off her voice in a different way – Rating ****
Track 6 – Wet – Back to the up-beat tracks!! Interesting song, would like to know the thinking behind some of the lyrics. Check it out if you’re interested! – Rating ****
Track 7 – Say Yes – I can see this song working quite well in a night club!! Up-beat with a good rhythm and I can imagine lots of people dancing to this! – Rating ***
Track 8 – Club Banger Nation – I’m not quite sure how I can describe this apart from interesting! Have a listen! – Rating ***
Track 9 – Power’s out ft. Sting – Very different to everything else on the album! Nice guitar playing in the background! – Rating ***
Track 10 – Desperate – Another one of my personal favourites!! – Great chorus on this and a really catchy tune! – Rating *****
Track 11 – Everybody – Another one of those songs which you need to listen to to make up your own mind on!! Another interesting chorus though -Rating ***
Track 12 – Heartbeat – Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger – This is one of those songs which catches your attention, right from the first time you here it! Great song, known it for a long time! – Rating ****
Track 13 – Casualty – Never really understood this song! Very different from the others but answers on a postcard as to where the lyrics came from! – Rating  ***
Track 14 – AmenJena – A ballad with just Nicole and a piano to finish off the album. Unique song and again you need to listen to it before passing judgement – Rating ***

On the whole, this is the best album I’ve ever bought. Nicole is my favourite artist ever and I would seriously recommend that you buy it!!!

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    I have a comment! I did not know you liked her! I know Callum does because… well I know him rather well. But you? What else don’t I really know about you? haha. But yeah good article, Dave!

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