No More Jobs Growth Wales?

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It appears that the Jobs Growth Wales programme has quietly been scrapped.

A message appearing on the website states, ‘There will be no further jobs advertised as the programme has now closed’, but there is some hope, as it appears an ‘exciting new programme’ will take its place.

It may be the case that the programme is shutting down to make way for a better service – which would be great – but it seems odd to simply shut it down without warning, especially since last month Ed Miliband was talking about rolling it out across England.

It’s a huge shame that projects so important to young people in Wales are being scrapped with no warning. A local carers group has also seen their funding cut recently and, as you’re probably aware, CLIC is going too. It’s hard enough growing up in a deprived area without schemes like these being ripped away at a moment’s notice.

Just last month, a Welsh Government spokesperson speaking to the BBC stated how positive the programme is, as it’s ‘given opportunities to thousands of young people to find high-quality work’ but Lib Dem MP Jenny Willott recently stated that it’s ‘ineffective’.

You know what? The political posturing around this issue is secondary to me. What I do care about is young people in Wales waking up to find yet another service cut that directly affects them, with no warning. Is it too much to ask for a little transparency?

If you need careers guidance in the meantime, the website suggests that you call your local Careers Wales office or ring 0800 100 900.

What do you think? Has Jobs Growth Wales helped you get into work? Are you sad to see the programme end, or excited to see what will replace it?

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