No Smoking Day 2014

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Today is No Smoking Day 2014, did you know that?

Hey, all you smokers out there…do you know what nasties you inhale when smoking?

Acetone (used as a solvent) e.g. in nail varnish remover.

Shellac which becomes a wood varnish when mixed with a form of alcohol. (You have most probably heard this as a form of chip free nail enamel.) Some of you have most probably had Shellac on your nails and still have.

Arsenic which is a deadly poison which is used in insecticides.

Cadmium used in batteries.

Cyanide which is a deadly poison.

Formaldehyde used to preserve dead bodies.

Tar which is a mixture of chemicals.  About 70% of tar is left is smokers lungs, which can cause a range of very serious lung conditions.

And many more…

Surely now this has pushed you into QUITTING.

Smoking affects the whole body…

LUNGS causing coughs, wheezing, asthma, CANCER.

HEART causing angina and heart attacks, narrowing of arteries, heart disease.

STOMACH causing ulcers, cancer of the stomach, kidneys, pancreas, bladder.

BRAIN causing a risk of stroke, which can cause paralysis and loss of speech.

And many more.

Surely now this has pushed you into QUITTING.

Do you want more money in your purse/pocket/wallet?

Currently it costs approximately £8 for 20 cigarettes. If you quit a smoker can have an extra £56 a week. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Surely now this has pushed you into QUITTING.

Right, STOP SMOKING RIGHT NOW. It may be one of the hardest things you will ever do but it is going to be the best things you will ever do. There are lots of organisations out there that can help and support you.

One of these organisation is The Filter and this is what they have to say about No Smoking Day:

Benefits of quitting for just one day:

·         You’ll save money – one pack of 20 costs around £8.

·         You add loads of time to your life – each cigarette shortens your life by 11 minutes.

·         After 24 hours there will be no smoke left in your lungs!

·         50% of smokers die because of smoking – the sooner you quit the healthier and longer life you’ll lead.

If you need any advice about quitting or anything to do with smoking, you can talk to us. Give us a call, text or IM Monday to Friday, 12pm to 5pm. or 08088 022888. Text: 07860 022888 and instant message:

You can also get help or advice from – www.stopsmokingwales.com0800 085 2219

Or why not join ONE DAY QUIT: and get 24 hours of free support to help you get started.   –  12 March 2014.

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