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No Smoking Day Wednesday 14th March 2012 is now part of the British Heart Foundation after a merger in 2011. The decision secured the future of one of the most cost effective social marketing campaigns in the world.

Working with the British Heart Foundation we aim to reduce tobacco related death and illness by motivating smokers to quit together on No Smoking Day. We also aim to extend the reach of our work by providing year–round help and support for quitters through, our dedicated website for people who want to quit

Let us help you to help smokers

Sign up for information about the No Smoking Day campaign. We will send you relevant information by post and/or email to help you organise your No Smoking Day. We’ll be there every step of the way with tips and advice to make sure that together we make this No Smoking Day the best yet.

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The Campaign:

No Smoking Day is the UK’s foremost annual health awareness campaign, helping over 1.5 million smokers quit for good since 1984.

With No Smoking Day, there’s no pressure. When smokers are ready to stop, we’re here and ready to help.

The success of No Smoking Day is built on our commitment to building partnerships with all those who share our vision. We bring together like-minded individuals and organisations from across the UK to share skills and focus attention on smoking cessation for one day..

The main messages of No Smoking Day:

  1. No Smoking Day is a good opportunity to stop smoking.
  2. Smokers can get help when they want to stop
  3. There are health and other benefits to stopping smoking

What No Smoking Day does:

  • Spurs smokers into action – around three quarters of a million people make a quit attempt each No Smoking Day
  • Appeals to smokers of all types – whatever their age, sex or social class
  • Publicises and explains the help that smokers can get when they want to stop
  • Captures the attention of the media with lots of supportive TV, newspaper and radio coverage

What No Smoking Day doesn’t do:

  • Try to force smokers to stop – No Smoking Day is for the three in every four smokers who want to quit
  • Harass smokers – it’s not about banning smoking, or picking on smokers
  • Work in isolation – smokers need support before and after the Day too

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