O Why?

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This is a poem I wrote shortly after my adopted grandmother got knocked down on October 8th, 2004, opposite the Gelligaled Inn in Pentre, Rhondda Cynon Taff.

Sadly, we had to turn the life support machine off on the 12th October 2004 and every year since that date I have written a new poem for her to put next to the flowers we put at the scene.

This poem actually helped me through my grieving.
O, where did y’see her last night?
Where you said you seen her smile,

O, where did y’ hear her voice?
Where you said you heard her laugh,

O, where did y’ see her?
O, where did y’ hear her?

O, I wonder if she knows I’m hurting,
O, I wonder if she knows I’m sad,
O, I hope she realised I loved her,

I hope she knows I cared,
You took her away from me,
When I needed her the most,

O, Lord I ask why?
O, Lord why?

Why now O, Lord,
Do you make my life hard?
O why’d she have to leave?

No goodbyes,
O, why’d she leave without my love,

I miss that smile O so much my Lord,
I just want her back my Lord,
O Lord why?

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