Obsession of a Vocaloid

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Miku Miku ne Shite Ageru.

I’m not sure what it means, but I like to sing it to myself when I feel like singing. Obsession can be seen as a bad thing if it’s over a celebrity, but no-one seems to care if it’s over a tv show or even a wii game! I’m obsessed with what is both fictional and real.

Ever heard of Vocaloid? probably not! Vocaloid is a Japanese band.
Miku Miku? try just Miku! Miku Hatsune is her name! she has turquoise hair and the best voice in the world!
Kagamine? Rin and Len Kagamine! they are twins who are inseparable.
The last Vocaloid I’m going to mention is called Haku Yowane! there is a lot that I could say about Haku, but being the ‘closed off from life’ kind of girl that she is, it’s hard to explain her personality.
Check them out here!

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