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Linsey is a very dedicated member of staff of Wicid and has been a great asset to the website since the beginning. In honor of Linsey being such an amazing person who we truly admire, and to wish her a happy birthday, members of the Wicid Editorial Teams have decided to come together and write their messages of appreciation and birthday wishes.

“Linsey is a person I feel I can rely on to help me when I need the support. Not only does she support and encourage me to contribute to the website, she is also a person who I feel I am able to talk to about any issues I need to get off my chest. She is really enthusiastic and helps me to believe in myself more. Happy Birthday, Linsey and miss you loads! Thinking of you always. xxx” -ihavethecyrusvirusx

”i feel that i can talk to linsey about anything, even about things i hadn’t told my parents about. I couldn’t thank her enough for just being there as someone to talk to over the past few weeks. I hope she is well soon and has a wonderful birthday. Get well soon linsey!!” -Welshspud22

” she is like a mother to me. She has helped me through hard times and with out her i would have never recovered and just stayed down. I know she is always there for a shoulder to cry on. She is so funny, loving, really loud and proud. Our inside joke is Linsey is my mam  She isn’t afraid to be herself and i am proud and happy to say that she is totally AWESOME!” -Josie< 3

“Linsey is a funny person she makes my day with out her I cry lol cos she kind and careing person and kind it funny when I always wind her up bring my phone charger all the time and happy birthday linsey your just turn 35xx miss you lot hope you better soon love ya xx” -Welshboy199

“Linsey helps Wicid tick, she’s always there for any query and even if she doesn’t know she’ll find someone who does. She’d sooner work a 70 hour week than let one of us walk home and she’s always so passionate about even our smallest ideas. She’s personally helped me do some many things, including giving up her evening to help me with my radio show and take me to conferences and training sessions. I’d trust Lins with anything as she’s a fantastic friend and a phenemonal youth information worker. Happy Birthday Linsey, lots of love from us all! xxxx” – SirClucky

“Linsey is both an incredible youth worker, and person in general. The many long car journeys with her have been a pleasure (except the one when I was being sick…) She has been such a great help when I was ill and entertains us all so much! I’ve missed her the past few months when I haven’t been able to attend Wicid/Clic things and can’t wait to see her again! I think I can speak for us all when I say get well soon, Lins! We all want you back as soon as possible!” – toriabeth

“Let’s face it, you’d struggle to find a young person who doesn’t love Linsey. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty, making sure that our voices are heard and that we get everything we could possibly want out of Wicid and the services as a whole. Linsey treats us with respect, as we do with her. Remarkably, she treats us like equals and adults but still manages to be an excellent ear and sympathetic shoulder if we were to need it. We’re all incredibly grateful for the time and effort she puts into making us feel happy, safe and valued, as well as for the friendship she has offered each of us. We love you Lins, so have a great birthday and I’m sure we’ll see you soon! xxx”  – BethanTheBarmy

“Linsey is an exceptional youth worker who manages to exude both professionalism and down-to-Earth…ness, in equal measures, at all times. In my personal experience, and that of all the other young people that I know of who have had the pleasure of meeting Linsey, she has been a true friend and has listened to me and genuinely cared about any problems I have had, which, I think, is quite a rare trait in people these days. In short, she is a wonderful, funny, much loved person, who puts her heart and soul into her job, and I only wish there were more like her. Happy Birthday, Lins. xxx” – PortiaAMC

“I think she’s an amazing person all-round, always cheery. She instils a feeling of security in people and generally brightens your day. You feel as if you can talk to her about anything. She always does her very best for other people and is always there for them. To be honest it’s near impossible to find anyone quite like her, someone who cares about everyone and gives 110% in everything she does. A truly remarkable youth worker and an even more remarkable person, Happy Birthday Linsey, wishing you a fast recovery xoxoxo” – clueless101

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    This is a great article dedicated to an amazing woman 😀
    I’m proud to say I know her, and I wish her well!

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