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Hello I’m Mathew, I have been gaming since I was 5 years old and I am now 15 (wow, that has gone quick), I am really interested in school and gaming. I mainly play on the PlayStation, I have even played on the original PlayStation!

I played a game recently called Overcooked, developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17. Overcooked is the first of 2 in a sequel of games, the main aim of the game is to prepare food as a Chef and deliver the food on time which earns you money. Unfortunately, you can’t use the money in the game but there are lots of different characters to choose from and 2 more if you pick up the downloadable content which is FREE to download.

With up to 1 million users it never gets boring as there’s always other people playing. I’ve played it quite a lot and really enjoy it, even though there a few small problems which I’m hoping they’ve fixed in the second game, Overcooked 2.

Main Features

  1. There is the main campaign mode and an arcade mode, in the campaign mode you have to go through different levels and progress through time. The game is quite difficult to complete because some of the later levels take a lot of concentration so you won’t get bored. I am not sure how many levels there are as I haven’t completed it yet but it’ll take over 10 hours easily. It also depends if you can get past the levels first time and if you can get all the stars in one attempt.
  2. In the arcade mode you can pick different levels and you can play against different people on the same kitchen. You can play against 4 players at one time from which looks very confusing because you need to communicate with the other players all the time which can get chaotic. All the levels have different touches and feel to them e.g. cooking in lorries and in the middle of the street to name a few.

I think that the graphics are really good and very smooth which adds to the overall appeal of playing the game because it looks good. The controls can be a bit tricky to get used to because sometimes you end up picking up the wrong object or you can’t get the item that you need so just remember to be patient whilst learning the controls.

The game itself does get quite weird at first because (spoiler alert) it sends you back in time after the tutorial but once you’re through it it’s very enjoyable.

I would definitely recommend this game as an introduction into the second game but just be patient with the small bugs and glitches. I personally will be picking up the second game soon because it’s an updated version and does look really good. But the big bonus for me is the free downloadable content on Overcooked, it keeps things fresh so you’re not playing the same game over and over again because of the new content.

You can pick up the game on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox.

Overcooked won the BAFTA Games Award for Best Family and Social Game and the BAFTA Games Award for Best British Game in 2017!

Check out Overcooked! 2

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