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In 2016, Blizzard games created a best-selling game, this great game was called Overwatch. Now with 29 different characters and backstories there’ll definitely be someone you’ll enjoy playing as.

One of our favourite characters is Tracer, the original overwatch character, she’s stuck in her time shifting form until Wintston an ape from the moon creates a device to help her stay in a touchable but still time travelling form. Sounds confusing right? Don’t worry after a couple of games you’ll be up to speed in no time.


With no story mode, Overwatch is a fully online multiplayer where you can play different 7 types of game modes. There are 4 available in competitive or quick play; they are Assault, Control, Escort and Hybrid. The other 3 game modes are available in Arcade or the Game Browser mode; they are Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Elimination. Some of our favourite modes are Dr Junkensteins Endless and Lucioball, they can be found in Arcade mode.

We haven’t even mentioned the the skins yet, there’s hundreds to choose from that you can use to customise your character. They’re always adding more depending on events and what time of year it is like the festive skins, one of our favourites is Tobjorn’s Santaclad.

Tobjorn’s Santaclad

It was game of the year in 2016, and to celebrate blizzard released a game of the year edition which was the the first version of the game to have extra features. Many updates have happened since the release each buffing or nerfing the game making it better and up to date.

Some beginners like to start with Play Vs AI which is my (Golfkid29) favourite mode as it is a fun way to practise brand new skills. BongoRule’s favourite mode is quick play as it does not take long to get in to the game.

And lastly, we want to recommend some Youtubers to watch, here’s some incredible plays below

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