Penguins, Pandas and Patrons – Our visit to Bristol Zoo

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In our busy lives as masters of the universe; and as perfect, dominant species, it’s hard to remember that all across the world, there is a huge spectrum of other creatures.

Although is sounds poetical, Britain is a Kingdom!, but we went to visit a different kind of Kingdom The animal one!

Bus parked, tickets out and rearing to go, our day began with a rush to the Asiatic Lion; of whom there are only 350 left in the world, moved on to Jasmina, the red panda and then took a trip into the Bat’s lair .. All quite creepy! We kept the themes with a voyage through ‘Twillight World’, a wonderful attraction and journey through the nocturnal world If there are any insomniacs reading, these animals understand you!

We did a mad skip over to the aquarium after many, many pictures with a 6 foot fish sculpture; a swing over to monkey world and a well deserved break for lunch!

Throughout the day we have been debating whether to adopt Jasmina, the Red Panda, or Poppy the Penguin! Competition was divided and fierce! Despite visiting another kingdom, we were well aware of the importance of a democracy So a representative vote on behalf of was on the cards!

Next we saw the penguins and seals, while Bethan and Portia fiercely fought for the rights to adoption of Poppy One of my favourite parts of this exhibit is always the tunnel below You almost feel a part of that world,; I scampered along singing ‘Under the sea’, down where it’s better, down where’s it’s wetter TAKE IT FROM ME!’

We made our way through the Tapir, various small primates and a large bird we named Clive! (All in all, we named this, a Lion, and two Mongoose lemurs named Ricky and Mandarin Lots of love for our furry friends!

Our next song opportunity flew in with ‘Feed the Birds’- you know the words M’dears!

We decided to take a break and venture across the raging rivers and stepping stones, the ZooRopia entrance AND the turtle maze (It’s harder than it looks!) Being a rather cold day, the trip through the Butterfly house was a well – needed heat boost!

After much debate and tears, you had all spoken A poll of asked which animal we should adopt and so it was done. With lots of love from us to you, may I introduce the new member to our Wicid family. *Drum roll please* kamale the Asiatic Lion Of course we named him Keith Ludwig Pentagon, as you do!

We loved our trip to Bristol Zoo and we are so proud to have helped Kamale (Keith) with his maintenance costs Those mane appointments ad up and tug on the old purse strings!
Bristol Zoo Gardens is a conservation project and needs your help Check out the website, where you can adopt, donate, become a member, volunteer and so much more, For that much fun and that much benefit, it’s a guilt free day out.

And after a long day but a very enjoyable one, we left the animal Kingdom and re-entered our lives Maybe one day we’ll go back; just have to keep checking the wardrobe, eh everyone?

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  1. Welshspud22 says:

    An absolutely brill day out… loved the underwater world and the Ben&Jerry’s Machines!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    PENGUINS!!! That is all.

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