People can face exams at any age

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How to cope with exam stress How we can help you

People can face exams at any age

Can I avoid getting stressed before an exam?

Taking exams is bound to be stressful because of what’s at stake. You may be feeling a weight of expectation from your family, school, university or workplace to succeed. You may be afraid you’re not good enough, or haven’t worked hard enough. You may be scared of letting yourself down, or that you’ll miss out on a job, university place or career move.

How can I de-stress?
Learning how to relax is crucial. Straightforward, effective, self-help techniques are going to be very helpful in the run-up to the exams, and even when you’re sitting in the exam room.

If you require any further advice why log on to the Mind website . it might help you out with all the problems and troubles you have around examination time.

This website provides advice about how to prepare for exams, how to recognise if stress is getting out of hand, and what to do about it.

All the help you need ..
Can I avoid getting stressed before an exam?
How do I minimise exam stress?
What’s the best way to revise?
How can I de-stress?
What’s the best approach to the actual exams?
What are the signs of too much stress?
What should I do if things are getting on top of me?
What can family and friends do to help?
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Or why not contact them on:
Mind Cymru
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5-19 Cowbridge Road East,
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T: 029 2039 5123, F: 029 2034 6585


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