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Different people have different personalities.

That is what I want to write from in this article.

Everyone in the world has a personality, not having one is like, well, not being alive! Not that someone would be alive if they were dead.

There are all sorts of categories someone could fall under.

  • Chav
  • Goth
  • Emo
  • Girly
  • Tom-boy
  • Hippie

All of which, apparently come with some sort of advantages and disadvantages.

To be honest, I find all that categorising very complicated and just like to stick with who’s nice and who’s not so nice! If you get on with them then that’s a good thing, if you don’t then it’s obviously not…

I think that people tend to pick up habits of a person or maybe their looks and judge them – PREJUDGEMENT!

It’s always a bad thing, because lets all face it… How can you judge someone on a first impression?

First impressions either go good or bad, it’s like fate! You’re either going to make a good impression or a bad one. No in betweens or maybes about it.

These are what I find are the most popular judgements that people make:

  • Hair style
  • Music taste
  • Clothes (style)
  • Clothes (tidy, smart, casual)
  • Age
  • Personality
  • Looks
  • Confident/shy

I have been judged on most of these things, personally. It upsets me because people don’t get to know me before they meet me.

They normally just take a look at me and think to themselves “No, she don’t look my type”.

However, if they got to meet me which most people have now, they admit to it and say that they regret not giving me a chance.

I don’t know whether this is the same for most people, but that’s how I think it works.

I’m different.

I have long hair, that goes over my eyes. (Which, by the way, I remove from in front of my eyes when talking to people)

I listen to completely different music to everyone else. (Except a handful of people)

I don’t dress with fashion, I chose my own style! (I don’t follow the latest trends or fashions, I just get on with it)

Most of all, I’m proud of being me.

I’m an original, not a copy.  (do not understand people who wish to be the same as someone else. Sure, people have role models, but they shouldn’t copy… simply be inspired!

People shouldn’t judge.

Especially not on music, or how someone dresses.

I listen to heavy, loud, screaming music. I know how people don’t like it, so I try to keep it to myself. I don’t boast about it or force people to listen to it, so I don’t see why people have a problem with it!

If I did, then fair enough.

I wear black skinny jeans, and tight tops which are ripped and look pretty worn down, which I made, and I’m proud of who I am.

I’m proud of myself for standing up to the people who don’t like the way I am and not caring what they think.

My hair on the other hand, is not the prettiest, and I back-comb it too, which makes it look scruffy and it poofs up and looks really bouncy. (Kinda like anime hair!)

People make judgements on that and don’t talk to me, but the people who do talk to me, I am grateful to.

I think without people like that, the world would be a horrible place!

Everyone should embrace who they are

Don’t be afraid of showing off who you are. That’s a coward’s way out! What is the world going to turn into if everyone hid behind the shield?

Run out, and show your true colours.

That’s the best way to be however weird, random, insane, cool, popular, pretty, or different you are.

I think my message is pretty clear, ignoring the messiness of my article!

Remember, be who you really are! Don’t ever be afraid.


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