Peter Elliott – Must have dreamed it

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“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Peter as he woke up from his bed.

“What a weird dream!” he said to himself while reaching for his phone. Better change my ringtone before I do go suicidal!”

“hmmm Party rock!” he thought whilst changing his ringtone.
“Peter Darling, Breakfast is ready!” Called his mother.
“Guess Alyn is real then.” He said to himself “Damn!!!”

“Hey Dude!! How are you today?” asked Alyn.
“Fine” replied Peter.
“How’s school?” He still asked.
“Fine” Peter replied again.
“Well, we have some news for you” he carried on.
“Fine” Peter still replied.
“We are getting married!” he revealed.
“NOT FINE!!!!!” Peter Quickly replied.
“Why not darling?” asked his mum.

“cause cause cause I said so!!” Peter shouted and grabbed his bag and ran out the door.
Everything was silent

“Typical Teenager!” tutted his Mum.
“You think?” replied Alyn.

“I have a mission for us this time Gareth, and its not against the CSA.” He told Gareth on his phone.


“Yea well, I wanna work with them this time!” replied Peter with anger.


“Against my stupid step-dad to be.”


“Well if you don’t want to help me then I’ll do it myself!!!” shouted Peter.

Straight after school Peter ran to the CSA base where he had guns pointed at him as soon as he was in sight.

Peter put his hands up and said “I’ve come to join you. I have information about the UK government and BSA. If you want this you will have to take me to your leader first.” He shouted to everyone.

Four muscled men went up to him, grabbed him by his arms and took him to the CSA leader.

“So we finally caught you.” He said in his big black chair.

“No, I’ve come for a deal. I know everything on the BSA and UK government, I will tell you all this but I want one thing in return, You eliminate someone for me.
Do we have a deal?”

Peter Elliott – The Deal is .. Coming Soon.


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