Peter Elliott: The Movie – WE WANT YOU!

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Wicid character Peter Elliott is creating a movie! CLIC members are wanted to join in infront and behind the camera!<?xml:namespace prefix =” o” ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”” />

It’s a great experience for anyone interested,’s own Craig Chapman will be able to show you how to use some of the technology used in the movie and we are also receiving money for the project, unfortunately it’s not enough to pay you all so volunteers ONLY!

The trailer is “En Route” and will be released soon enough for you all to have a peek at what will be happening in the movie, and when the trailer and movie is done we will be releasing it with a big launch somewhere! There will be invitations for all CLIC editorials with food and hopefully live entertainment.

Now, to explain who Peter is to anyone who doesn’t know…

Peter Elliott is a 15 year old spy who works for the B.S.A (British Secret Agency) and battles with the evil C.S.A (Chinese Secret Army) who tries to destroy the U.K and get up to all sorts alike. He has a 640 year old companion called Gareth, who is all bones and no skin, he mostly covers this up in dark clothes and long coats.
The Movie will introduce a new agent which inspires Peter to be alike. His name is Johnny.
Very professional and all common sense… unlike Peter!

If you are interested in joining in with all the fun and taking part behind or in front of the camera please email us at:


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