Peter Elliott – The Return of Gareth!

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Peter: Now facing the C.S.A alone. <?xml:namespace prefix =” o” ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”” />

After killing Gareth he returned to the B.S.A where he told the B.S.A leader which banned him from any other case for killing their best agent.

But that is what everyone thinks. Except for Gareth…

Vinegar doesn’t kill him!! That’s just a silly idea!!
It just harms him and burns him, like fire does to humans.

After 19 hours and 32 minutes he returned! and angrier than ever!

Gareth limped in extreme pain back to the base where he marched into the B.S.A leaders office and insisted on having a new partner.

“He tried to kill me! He’s the worst agent I’ve ever known in my life!!!!” ranted Gareth.

“He is the only partner left, you’re gonna have to talk to him and befriend each other because you’re gonna be working with him next week.
I’ll tell him he’s back on the team.” Replied the B.S.A Leader.

Gareth groaned and walked out of the office at a very quick pace.

“PETER!! MEET ME IN THE PARK AT 6PM…. No, I’m NOT gonna kill you, I have to work with you. You have a week left before your working with me again.”

Gareth hangs up.

“Time to stop this nonsense with his Step-Dad.”

Gareth got into his car and drove straight into the <?xml:namespace prefix =” st1″ ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”” />C.S.ACave shooting anyone he could in his path.

When he finally got to the back of the cave he covered himself in his car and started setting a time bomb in which he set to go off after 3 minutes.

Just enough time to drive out of the cave safely as fast as he can.

The bomb is set.

He places it aside a rock where it is out of sight but still isn’t covered enough to minimize the bombs impact.
He gets into his Ferrari and speeds out of the cave at speeds exceeding 100mph!

“This is skilled driving to the max!!!” He laughs to himself.

“Good bye cave, Good bye C.S.A!” He sings to himself.

He get’s out of the cave and drives along the long road leading to the cave as it blows up behind him and a big cloud of grey smoke covers his car and big explosions are heard behind him.

“Oofftt!! That’s gonna leave a mark!” laughs Gareth.

5:48PM – Just enough time to sort everything out with Peter!
He’s gotta try and be my partner at least…


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