Peter Piper – Aberdare – Part 3

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Gareth then went to another Scientist down the corridor and tranquilised him.
Peter then dressed up in his uniform and asked Gareth “What do we do know?”
“Find out about these bombs. Keep your face away from the CCTV cameras so they don’t see you.”
Peter and Gareth walked up to the lift and went to the highest floor of the building where two men were talking in the room next door.
One of them said “So Why are we bombing Aberdare Library?”
the other one moaned and answered “We bomb there because…..well……because……WELL I DON’T KNOW ASK PAUL!”
Peter whispered “Aberdare Library!”
The other man said “get ready for 19:45, we then plant the bombs there 20:00 and then BOOM! goes the library for 20:30.”
They both escaped out of the school and headed for Aberdare library.  It was 17:00 and they were about to close up when Peter and Gareth smashed through the doors.
“Run, Hide, get out of the library!” said Peter to the librarian.
“…I know, why don’t you run, hide and get out of the library because we are closed! and you can…”
Gareth interrupted “The library’s going to be blown up!”
Peter and Gareth hid in the library and waited for the bombers to plant their bombs……Moments later,  they came and did so.  Gareth was going to tranquilise a bomber when all of a sudden, there was a scream. “that sounded like a cat”. 
The bomber laughed and said to himself “That vampire is a whimp!” “vampire?” asked Gareth. “we have to find him and save him!” replied Peter.
They both dressed up in bomber uniform and headed closer to the screams. They headed to the vampire and found him.
“ITS A HER!” told Peter. “shhhhhhhhhh” Whispered gareth.
“now are you going to stop us?” said one of the bombers while whipping the Vampire.
“You will DIE!!!” replied the vampire. while a giant sonic waves blew the bombers away and smashed the place up.
Peter and Gareth ran to the vampire and said while untying her from ropes. “we are here to help you, we are the BSA, (British secret agency)
“Good, my names Lilyana.” replied the vampire.
“Let’s stop these bombers!” replied Gareth.

look out for part 4…. Will Lilyana, Gareth and Peter, get on and save Aberdare?

Part 4 Coming Soon!


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