Peter Piper – Gunners House (New Year Part 2)

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The Big Bang – Part 1

“What do you mean, a goldfish?” asked Peter. “I’m quite intelligent for my age, you know!”
“Who told you that? Your mum?” asked Gareth.
“Pretty much yes.” Replied Peter walking towards Big Ben.
“So, if another country is helping the CSA, then we’re in trouble!” said Peter.
“Yep” replied Gareth. 
This looks a big mission you go find some clues and I’ll phone…him.” said Gareth. 
“Him?” asked Peter.
“Just go!” told Gareth.

Gareth flipped up his watch and said “Tom, you there?”
“Aye, course I am.” replied tom.
“I want you to find someone for me through this bullet”

After a long journey home they finally made it to the lab and traced the shooter.

“So he lives in Tonypandy?” asked Peter.

They waited hours for someone to arrive, when all of a sudden a man threw open a half-covered gun.



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