Peter Piper – Lilyana’s Exit

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As they got away from the ‘assassins’, Peter decided that if he had to fight the CSA, he had to do it without Lilyana. So, as they stopped at a quiet lane, Peter quickly brought up the idea of Lilyana going back to where she belongs. 

“So… I guess this is it then Lilyana.” said Peter. 

“No!” interrupted Gareth. 

“Yes, I think I shall fight the slayers, your enemies are too easy” joked Lilyana.

“Saying someone who would have had their butt blown off if I wasn’t there!” joked backed Peter. 

“Maybe we’ll meet again.” said Lilyana.

“I hope so!” said Gareth quickly.

As Lilyana flew away, Gareth and Peter were heading back to their car. Peter asked “You love her, don’t you?” 

“Don’t be silly!” lied Gareth.Meanwhile the CSA were planning a attack on another part of Rhondda Cynon Taff. They were heading for Tonypandy.

The next day, Peter and Gareth went out searching for any suspicious vehicles. They were in Mid Rhondda when they came amongst a white transit van with big text on the back saying three letters – C.S.A

Part two, coming soon.


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