Peter Piper – Our New Addition

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After a great new year celebration, there seemed to be plenty of crimes that were quickly getting solved.

“Who could be doing this so fast?” asked Peter.

“I don’t know, but if we don’t give him a run for his money, we’re gonna be ruined!” replied Gareth. 

“There seems to be a new hero in town, saving the country from criminals. People know him better as Craig Southall. Nobody knows his real identity,
Sian Williams, BBC Wales Tonight” interrupted the newsreader.

“CRAIG SOUTHALL?!” they both said together.

The next day Peter and Gareth dressed as goons, got BB guns and told the police what they were going to be doing.

14:25: Everyone ready and about to start

14:26:… “FREEZE!” shouted Peter. 

“Don’t think so!” came a voice from behind Peter. He turned around to see the new hero, Craig Southall.

Peter aimed his gun at him and moved closer. He waited for a moment, and saw Gareth appear slowly behind him.

“So you’re gonna be the so called ‘hero’ are you?” asked Peter.

“Yep! Now put that bag, D….” said Craig. Gareth grabbed him in a sack and knocked him out with a special liquid unknown to the World.

A few hours later, Craig woke up in handcuffs and in front of a police officer.

“By the laws of BSA (the British Secret Agency), we must have either one, or a team of heroes, so you have a choice. You get out of the United Kingdom, or you join Peter and Gareth.” said the police officer, pointing towards a day dreaming Peter.

“I guess its Dumb and Dumber” sighed Craig Southall.

“You do know there names are Pet….” interrupted the police officer

“I KNOW!” said Craig Southall.


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