Peter Piper – The Adventure Through Hell (Part 2/3)

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They parked in a nearby Supermarket Car park and started walking towards the cave.
“This is exhausting!” groaned Peter.
“Shut up will you! your only walking…. besides it’s not that far.” replied Gareth.
They kept on walking until Gareth stopped.
They were outside an old, dark, ruined Fun fair.
The Cob-web covered Gate was all battered and rusty and had one hinge holding it up, making it unstable and ready to collapse at any second.

“Is this the place they entered?” asked Gareth.
“Yea” replied Peter whilst looking how scary it was.
He couldn’t see it much at the back of the transit van, but never expected it to look anything like this.

“Lets find another entrance, this one may be alarmed” told Gareth.
“Fine!” groaned back Peter.
They walked right around the dreadful fun fair looking for any secret doors, or any access inside the Fair, without getting noticed.

But found nowhere…

Peter Told “Well, It looks like we’re climb…”
He got Interrupted by Gareth opening a door outside of the wall.

“Brilliant!” said Peter.

As they entered the Cave in their uniforms, the Alarm went off.
“Great!” Shouted Peter.
About fifty troops came marching down the corridor, to the exit where Peter and Gareth stood with their hands up.
“What the hell are you doing trooper?!!” asked a sergeant looking man. “You should know that at every fire alarm, you are to leave the HQ!!” he continued.

Peter looked at Gareth and replied “Yes Sir!”
They both went out marching and joined the line of troops like school kids
“Another Explosion has happened in the science labs once again, they need three experts to go help them”.
Gareth looked at Peter and lifted both his and Peters hands up.

“Right, Ok then. You, you and you. get in there!” shouted the sergeant whilst pointing at them both and another standing next to him. They all entered and went in.
“Stop guys” said the other trooper in a voice that Peter and Gareth thought they had heard before.
He took off his helmet and revealed himself to Peter and Gareth.

“Whats happening!!!” asked… Craig Southall!


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