Peter Piper – The adventure through hell (Part 3/3)

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“What the heck are you doing here?” asked Peter.

“Well having the booze is great, but the after-effects are another thing! I was so bored, so I thought I’d come with you guys on a mission” replied Craig.

“Do we really have to have him with us? he’s drunk!” whispered Peter.

“I can hear you, you know” replied Craig.

Gareth opened his moth to speak when the sergeant shouted “What are you doing in there?”

“uhh…. Clearing it, uhhh… we can’t find the leak so we have to clear it. Not long sir!” replied Peter.

“Pathetic excuse” replied Gareth.

They opened all the windows so it looked like they were working. They searched around looking for any clues to stopping them.

“Are you guys stupid or what?” asked Craig.
“You know what we should do”

“No?” replied Peter.

“Let the gas leak continue and blow the place up. Lets burst all the pipes!” replied Craig whilst getting a crowbar and smashing the other pipes in half.

“We’ll leave you to it. while we RUN FOR OUR LIVES!” said Peter.

“I’m gonna hit this pipe, then we have 10 secounds to run out before we die. Ready?” Tells Craig whilst hitting the pipe. “GO!!!!”

10… they burst through the door.
9… they run down the corridor.
8… they’re lost!!
7… ‘….’
6… ‘….’
5… They run follow the exit signs
4… all power has gone off.
3… they look or a door.
2… they find one
1… They jump through it


Peter, Gareth and Craig are laying there.

“Gareth… You dead?” asked Peter.
“nope” groaned Gareth.

“Craig… you dead?” asked Peter.
“mmm” replied Craig.

They got up, found their suits torn and ripped.

“Intruders!” shouted the sergeant.

“Laterz” replied Peter while they all ran away….

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