Peter Piper – The Adventure Through Hell

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Gareth arrived and met Peter thirty minutes later at a local park.

“Tell me all about it and I’ll think of how we can get inside.” said Gareth.
Peter told Gareth every little detail he could remember.
“It looks like a tough place to break into!” told Gareth.

“No need to break in, I have us some uniforms I stole from the two front guards!” replied Peter.

“You sneaky…!” said Gareth.

“So where’s Craig?” asked Peter while putting on his uniform which was a little to small for him.

“Drunk, from partying all night!” replied Gareth.

Peter laughed as they made their way to the cave-looking, egg smelling, fire-burning hell hole.

“Wait!” said Gareth instantly as they got out of the park.

“What?” asked Peter.

Gareth pulled out a single key which was electronic, it had three big buttons and had a clicking sound if you pressed them.

As he clicked the top one, a car lights turned on and the drivers door opened up.

“Where did you get this?!” asked Peter looking at the Lamborghini Gareth had the keys to.

“Won it at the party!” told Gareth. It had neon underneath and inside the car, it had a mini tv, Radio/CD player and a MP3/4 slot for your iPods etc to get plugged into the tv.

It also had a mini champagne bar! Peter went to have a glass, before Gareth stopped him.
“You’re too young to drink, and we can’t have you drunk too can we!” laughed Gareth

Peter replied “No such thing as too young, just to old, eh Gar!”
“Oh haha!” replied Gareth.

Gareth whispered “One of these days you’ll have what’s coming to you Peter! one of these days…”


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