Peter Piper – The Big Bang – Part 1

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Everyone was sitting quietly, glued to the television, waiting for London’s big new year celebration…

5…4…3…2…1…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All of a sudden, the cameras shook and fell “Big Ben’s been bombed!” shouted someone. Peter crept up to his bedroom, and said to his gold watch given to him by Gareth for Christmas, “Gareth? Gareth, do you hear me?” 

“Yes. Yes, meet me at HQ. I know, I’ve seen Big Ben too” replied Gareth. 

“I’m off out mum, be back soon” shouted peter to his mum. 

“But Peter… Wait! Be back before 2pm” replied his mum, as he ran down the street.  He went into HQ to find Gareth covered in clothes. 

“Hurry up, the car engine’s running.” said Gareth. 

“Where are we going?” asked Peter. 

Gareth stopped and looked at him stupidly, saying “well, where do you think?!” 

Peter replied “Oh right, Big Ben… But, my mum said… ” 

“Oh, mommy’s boy!” interrupted Gareth. 

“Am not!” moaned Peter, as they drove off.

A few hours later, they arrived and got stopped by a police officer, saying “sorry, Big Ben is off-limits to civilians at this moment.” 

“Good thing we’re not civilians then, isn’t it?” said Gareth, while holding up his ID. 

“Happy new year” said peter. Gareth looked at him stupid again. 

They walked towards to Big Ben when suddenly, Gareth got shot up the backside. “AHH!!!” he shouted, whilst pulling it out of his backside. He looked at it and seen the initials ‘JSA’. 

“Japanese Secret Army!” 

“They must have teamed up with the CSA!” said Peter. 

“You think!?” said Gareth stupidly.

Part 2… Coming Soon


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