Peter Piper – The Break through! (New year part 3/4)

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After they got answers from the gunner, they searched through Tonypandy for the two HQ’s which were next door to eachother!
“Look, two Chinese guards, looks like CSA!” said Peter whilst pointing to the two guards.
Gareth got in line to drive towards the garage doors and knocked off the car engine whilst giving Peter a bulletproof vest.
“You’re not gonna burst through, surely?!” asked Peter.
“Yep” replied Gareth.
He started up the car engine and smashed through the doors! they both jumped out and started shooting everything and every person they could see until it went silent.
“Easy” said Gareth.
They then went to search for the guy who organises the weaponry for the CSA and started to argue about where to go.
“IT’S THIS WAY!” shouted Peter
“NO, THIS WAY” replied Gareth
After they decided where to go, they entered a big hall where there were a load of cupboards locked.
“Well Done, you found me!” came a voice from nowhere.
“Come out and fight us like a man!” said Peter.
He jumped from the ceiling and revealed himself.
“You can challenge him, I’ll just watch.” said Peter.
Gareth pushed the table down sidewards and the weaponry man shot. After a 25 minute battle everything went silent so Gareth popped his head up. The Chinese man jumped up and went to throw a grenade into Gareth’s skeleton when…
Peter had shot the Chinese man and Gareth jumped to get better cover from the grenade which splattered the weaponry mans guts everywhere.
Later they went to go to the Japanese when they found them moving out.
“How can we use their weapons, if they have nothing?” said one man.
“Of course” replied another.
“Looks like this mission is closed! good job Gareth” said Peter

Watch out for the next adventure on Wicid’s Birthday, where there will be a new addition to the team!


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