Peter Piper The Day I got Kidnapped! (Part 1 of 2)

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The day I got kidnapped was the day I visited my grandma’s grave on her birthday ALONE!

It was about 7pm. The graves near the path were for the most part well looked after, but the ones further away were being swallowed by vegetation. Weeds, ferns and brambles scrambled among fallen headstones that were covered in Moss.

After I put down my roses on her grave I stood up, thought about her for a moment and made my way to the exit.
I walked halfway and looked up to find a silhouetted person with something In his hands just standing there.
It was square and had rough edges that just flapped, looked a bit like a squared pancake.

The man slowly walked towards him, Peter walked back a little, and gradually got faster until BAM! Someone grabbed him and the man started walking normal pace.

“HELP!” shouted Peter.


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