Peter Piper – The day I was Kidnapped! (Part 2 of 2)

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As Peter got thrown into a Transit Van (that smelled really really bad, sort of like onions) he thought ‘Nah, this must be a dream!’
So he tried to wake himself up….


“Not long now kid, about another fifteen minutes then you’ll be at hells doorstep.” Said the English kidnapper.

“Why?! What have I ever done to upset you?! I don’t even know you!” replied Peter.

“Oh plenty! Well, not to me personally, I’m getting paid for this! how cool is that! you just did stuff to our gang.” answered the Kidnapper.

“So, who are you? bet you work for the CSA don’t you?” said Peter.

“I’m Augustus Snap, head of extreme machinery and technology of the CSA, they sent me because of the Idiot’s called ‘recruits’
I thought I wasn’t gonna get you, I thought “I’m no good at kidnapping”, but obviously I am good, as I just caught you! replied Augustus.

“But, you didn’t kidnapped me did you?… it was big-muscles but no mouth, clever man over there.” answered Peter.

“他是说我吗?什么是他说的吗?生病拍他!” said the Chinese speaking kidnapper (if you look up the words on google translate, you can actually see what he says! just translate Chinese into English!)

” 哦,没什么,他只是被威尔士!一直持双程证!” replied the American kidnapper.

Sometimes, Peter wished that instead of spending his life expanding his brain with silly jokes and stupid stuff, he had dedicated some time to his body and took up Karate or Jujitsu, so he could wrestle a gun from one of the men, instead of getting Gareth to do it all the time! or if he got in situations like this!

The non-English speaking driving kidnapper was very muscly and quite tall, he also had a black woolly hat on.

As the American criminal started talking Chinese to the driver, Peter saw another cemetery as they passed, all the front graves had a bunch of flowers in them, he felt guilty thinking he gave one to his nan… “What you looking at kid?” interrupted the American criminal.

“Nothing, just lost myself” replied Peter.

Very soon after that, Peter saw the van get darker, then go red and dark yellow and the light source start to flicker…

“Welcome to hell kiddo!” welcomed the American kidnapper.

As they entered deeper and deeper into the cave, two guards stopped the van and opened the back and saw Peter. They laughed.

They slammed the doors, but Peter managed to stop one with his foot. While he distracted the kidnapper on the way over, he was cutting the rope tied to his hands with his razor ring. He climbed out, revealed a pistol with a silencer on it, and the van drove off without anyone noticing. Peter shot both men in the back of their heads, took their uniforms and hid the bodies.


He phoned Gareth and told him where to meet him,

Gareth went on his way.

Peter piper – The adventure through hell….

coming soon!


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