Peter Piper – The Kid no-one knows – Part 1

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Peter Piper was a normal 14 year old boy from Ferndale. Well that’s what everyone thought. What everyone didn’t know about him was that he was a spy!

He had a partner who he didn’t like, his name was Gareth and he was a man who was all bones! Peter would come home from school, tell his mom he was going out with friends and go to a secret lair where Gareth would be waiting there from him.

One day as Peter was walking through the dark creepy alley, the door to the hideout had been blown up. Peter took a step in where the lights were flickering, and he could hear a noise as if someone was getting beaten, he walked through and looked over the bar to see two men whipping the bones of Gareth. “The CSA!” revealed Peter to himself.

The CSA were the Chinese Secret army, they’d tried and tried over the years to take over the UK, but Gareth and Peter always stopped them together, or with the help of the British police. Peter went into his bag to bring out a pistol. he aimed it at one of the mens heads, but there was a platform right above the men, so he quietly climbed up to it shot one man in the foot, and the other in the hand. “Ahhhh” screamed one man holding his foot on the floor. The platform wasn’t very high so Peter jumped off and untied Gareth quickly, they then ran out to look for another hideout.

Gareth and Peter went into Gareth’s Mazda rx-8 and went right to the outskirts of Cardiff, where they found an old abandoned church, they went in and saw that is was all slimy and slippery, they crept up the staircase which was so slimy they nearly fell back down, when they got to the top they had no view and no-one could see them below the hill.

They named it sector 8.

All of a sudden the bells of the church started ringing. Gareth and Peter ran down the slippery stairs running out of sector 8. while trying to find CSA base, which was mostly in Maerdy near the school….. Ferndale Community School!

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    I want to be a spy against the CSA in Ferndale! I wonder what underground organizations are running in Aberdare? I’m sure the CSA are up to something……Hmmmmm

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