Peter Piper – The Last Article

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Allyn, 36 years old. Very tall and very mean! Also my mother’s boyfriend. Great!

The school bell rings as I leave my terrible French lesson with Mrs (or Madame) Davies. I run out the door and catch the school bus home. Nobody sits by me (as usual!) so while I pretend to play on my phone and act like I’m some popular person, my embarrassing ringtone blasts out.
Since my mother has going into la-la-land because of him, she has made me make my ringtone go like this…


Everyone starts to laugh at me on this hell hole on wheels. How embarrassing.
As I get off at the next stop, I walk alone with my backpack on my back and my head down with disappointment. I ask myself, “Why me, God? Why?”
I walk down the long clear path where there is nothing but mountains and roads.

It takes me 30 minutes until that stupid ringtone blasts out.
I throw my phone straight into the mountain with all my anger and it smashes into pieces.
“I hate you!” I start to shout whilst starting to cry.
“I hate you!”

As I carry on strolling down the path on my own, I sit on the bench thinking about my phone.
“What will my mam say now?”
“Get upstairs Peter out of my sight!”

Everything has just been going wrong since I’ve met that tall, brown-haired, Doctor Who looking guy. He bullied my friends, so they don’t want to bother with me now. He wants me to phone some helpline because I’ve shown many signs of madness and I have been arguing with a lot of people.
I don’t need his advice, I can make my own decisions and I am perfectly under control and am certainly not some kind of madman.

There’s a bridge near by. I go to it.
Climb on top.
Lift my arms.
Close my eyes…

Goodbye, cruel world!

2 thoughts on “Peter Piper – The Last Article”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Don’t end it! Maybe he can find a new friend that understands him? Or someone stops him and makes him realise what he’s doing is wrong because it is. But don’t end it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gutted you’re gonna end this thing man. I really enjoyed reading them. It’s a shame Peter is ending like this. Although I’m sure you’ll come up with a new project. Looking forward to it.

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