Peter Piper – The School (part 2)

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Peter and Gareth drove to Ferndale Community school where they found a load of Chinese security guards guarding every window and door in the building.
Gareth and Peter hid behind the Bushes. “Looks like they’re base alright!” Said Gareth. As he spoke a big light shone straight at them, they turned around to see a Mercedes turn up to the school.

With hearts thumping like drums Gareth and Peter made their way around the back of the school where there were more guards! A security guard went off to another guard and started talking for a while.

“This is our chance Pete!” cried Gareth. “go for it!” said Peter.  They ran up to the door and sneaked in.  All the classrooms in the school were turned into bomb rooms, where scientists were working hard making bombs.

“What are they going to bow up?” asked Peter. “Let’s find out” replied Gareth as he crept up behind a guard, and knocked him out clean on his neck while dressing into his uniform!


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