Peter Piper – why the library?

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Soon after Peter and Gareth saved Lilyana they sat outside drinking Pepsi Max and….blood….Peter asked “why did they strap you to that chair to get blown up by a bomb? It’s not like your alive or anything… No offense.  They strapped me to that chair to die because in that bomb was loads of sun-rays given to them by the god of sun,  Mr S. Un nobody knows his first name and probably never will.  Replied Lilyana “ok, how did they get you to the library, were you already there?” “yep, I was looking for the book of spells, that was what they were probably there for too. The book of spells can destroy anything, but it survives like a vampire….on human blood!” Gareth then looked as there was a long black car passed and were shooting at them. “get down!!” shouted Gareth. As they passed Lilyana, Peter and Gareth, they raced after them in they’re Aston Martin.  Peter and Lilyana started  to shoot back at them while Gareth tried to show off his driving skills to the girl he fancied, LILYANA!  As Peter was shooting he noticed civilians behind the car flying! “what the…” asked Peter. “the vampires of Aberdare!” replied Lilyana. “they’re all vampires in Aberdare!” asked Gareth. “yep” answered Lilyana. “I don’t normally team up with them, but it looks like I will, putting up with you two idiots.” joked Lilyana. All three laughed. Gareth still shocked of what the vampires said to himself, “I wonder if I have a chance with Lilyana?

What happens next?

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