Plans to lower Formula 1 pit lane speed limit rejected by FIA

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Formula 1’s governing body has rejected a move by teams to lower the pit lane speed limit during races.

Most teams backed a proposal to lower the limit from 100km/h (62mph) to 60 km/h (37mph) in the interest of safety.

Race Director Charlie Whiting has told then that there is no need to change the limit as there is no evidence to show that the current speed limit is unsafe.

A number of measures are already taken to increase safety in the pits during qualifying and the race. No guests or media are allowed in the pit lane, apart from television pit-lane reporters and photographers under strict restrictions, and pit crews are only allowed out of the garages when they are getting ready for a stop.

The speed limit is 60km/h during practice, but is raised for qualifying and the race
Their view is that there have been no pit-lane accidents in F1 that have been caused by excessive speed since the current limits were introduced.

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