PleaseRobMe – An Extreme Way To Prove Dangers Of Social Networking.

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Yn Gymraeg

The joys of modern life, eh?

Y’know, the internet boomed in a massive… er… boom… and now nearly everyone is on some sort of social networking site. But is this a good thing?

Not if you decide to tweet that you’ve left home to go out somewhere.

Some lovely people made a website. It’s name? PleaseRobMe. It claims to reveal the location of empty homes, based on the information people post online. Such lovely people, eh?

Though the Dutch developers claim to have made the site to “prove a point”, PleaseRobMe takes information from players of the online game Foursquare (am I the only one who has not heard of this game?…), extracting their locations and automatically posted to Twitter.

Boy Van Amstel, one of the site’s developers, stated that “people were checking in at their houses… and sharing the address”, adding “I don’t think they were aware of how much they were sharing”.

Though Van Amstel stated that this website is not a tool for burglary, it’s rather unnerving that someone could make a website of this nature in a matter of hours.

From the site’s ‘Why’ page, ” The goal of this website is to raise some awareness on this issue and have people think about how they use services like Foursquare, Brightkite, Google Buzz etc. Because all this site is, is a dressed up Twitter search page. Everybody can get this information.”

So, the next time you post on Facebook that you’re off to Nando’s, or the next time you post on Twitter that you’re off to watch the next big thing in the cinema! just be aware that someone, anyone is watching you.

Happy days, eh?


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