Plugged In Photography Course Session 3

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On Tuesday 20th November 2012, I attended the 3rd session of the Plugged In photography course at Pontypridd Library.

In this week’s session we were talking about Compositions. This is the first time I have talked about Compositions in photography for a long while.

The first rule of Compositions is Simplicity. Simplicity is that you always try to make the photo you are going to take as simple and as easy to take as possible otherwise you are making things difficult.

The second rule of Compositions is Rule of Thirds. Rule of Thirds on a camera is when you have two lines across the screen and two lines going down.

The third rule of Compositions is Framing. Framing in photography is the most important rule of composition as you always have to frame a picture otherwise it will be boring and plain.

There are many rules of Composition in photography and you can find them on

After the PowerPoint on Compositions, we started our qualification booklets with Darren (the tutor). One of the first tasks was to point out where the on/off button was on a digital camera. We all laughed when we saw the first question in the book as it was easy and simple, but of course it’s something we had to know.

After finishing the first section of the booklet, we all had a chat about upcoming events on the weekend. Two group members were attending Clwb y Bont in Pontypridd to photograph a Young Promoters Network event and I was attending The Factory, Porth to photograph The Boy Royals from Newport.

I really am enjoying the photography course and I am looking forward to session 4.

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