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On Tuesday 6th November, I attended the first of a six week photography course in Pontypridd Library with PLUGGED IN Chief Photographer Darren Warner.

I was recommended the course by WICID‘s Sub Editor, Rhys, as he knows I am very interested in photography.

I first met all the participants involved in the course, where we got to know each other a little bit more as we will be working with each other over the next six weeks.

Then Darren took us through a 20 minute presentation about PLUGGED IN Magazine. The presentation included Issues 1 – 15 and how much the issues have changed in the last 5 years, one fact was that PLUGGED IN used to charge for the magazine but then they started giving them away for free by putting them into schools, libraries and shops.

After the presentation about PLUGGED IN itself, we then had a group discussion about everyone’s favourite band/s and what kind of music we all like. Most of the people were in to rock and heavy metal  and bands such as Asking Alexandria and Skindred.

Then Darren gave us lists of upcoming events which we then put our names on, by the events, that we would like to photograph.

The events I choose to photograph was High Voltage which is a AC/DC tribute band from Aberdare and Skindred who are from Newport who recently performed in last year’s Download Festival.

I enjoyed the first session and I am looking forward to the second session.

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