Poem – Different Worlds

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Do you remember when we used to be bestest friends?
We had the funniest, craziest times together,
And we hoped that our friendship would never end,
And we would always last forever.

The new year came in and some people got in the way,
We ended up having arguments and a silly little spat,
Now look at where we are, how we ignored each other today,
We act like we hate each other, but I miss you and that’s a fact.

I hate how we just ignore one another,
like we never were good mates,
I wish we could act like sister and brother,
but I think that now, it’s a bit too late.

I guess I should say goodbye now,
It’s time that I had a brand new start,
We both live in different worlds now,
but our memories will always be in my heart.

Image: All Rights Reserved by Raychel Sonveeco

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Thank you 🙂 It was based on something in my life x

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